The Vantage Point camera system operated by our unique pan and tilt system, which allows for smooth and precise control the of the camera. This system is perfect for fast-action sports. “NEVER MISS A MOMENT”

The system is very quick to setup in just a few minutes.

Each system is priced based on your existing Camera or you Camera Preference.

We can make up systems to suit both Sony and Canon cameras.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirement. 

What’s Included?

Vantage Point is the most cost effective and easy to use portable video tower on the market today.

It’s unique design makes it convenient to transport and so simple to use.  You can begin shooting high quality video footage from Vantage Point right away, wherever you are.

Vantage Point only weighs 7.5kg and is the lightest video tower on the market making it so easy to move, transport and assemble. It’s made from the latest premium grade materials so you don’t sacrifice strength for weight either.

It folds up smaller than other portable towers, meaning it will fit in any car but can still extend over a full range of heights to 18ft (6M) so you can always find the perfect angle for your shot.

Vantage Point Package The Tripod and Mast and the following Items All you need to start shooting great footage:

Camera Mount

Spring loaded tilt platform camera mount with cable protector when extending mast.

Camera Waterproof

Rain gear package is custom fitted for the Vantage Point. Help protect your investment by providing some protection from the elements.


Keep everything dry! Rain Protection for Remote Control and Monitor.

Carrier Bag

Inner Carrier Bag for Tripod and Outer Carrier Bag for Mast and Tripod.

Full Colour 7

Features HDMI In and Out plus a headphone jack, Sun Cover and fabulous 4K colour quality.

Remote Control


AV Connectors

Accessories Bag

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