How much does Vantage Point cost?

Fully Wired System is €2450 plus VAT. Camera is not included.

Recommended camera for wired system   http://www.connscameras.ie/p/canon-legria-hf-g40/8714574633596

Wireless System is €1850.00 plus VAT (Camera not Included in price but we can supply)

Most WIFI enabled cameras will work. The camera we suggest is



50% of our Customers use the Wired and the other 50% use the Wireless system

How heavy is Vantage Point?

Vantage Point is lightweight, weighting only 7.5kg.  It is the lightest video tower on the market making it easy to move, transport and assemble.  It’s made from the latest premium grade materials so you don’t sacrifice strength for weight either.

Is Vantage Point difficult to transport?

No.  Vantage Point folds up smaller than other portable towers, meaning it will fit in any car but can still extend over a full range of heights to 18ft (6m)., so you can always find the perfect angle for your shot.

Is Vantage Point difficult to set up?

No.  Vantage Point comes with simple fittings that allow you to assemble or take down the tower in a matter of minutes.  No more freezing fingers and complicated mechanisms making setting up portable towers a painfully slow and frustrating process. setup take less than 10 minutes

Can Vantage Point be used in the rain?

Yes.  Vantage Point comes with a complete all weather kit included in the price.  You get rain protection gear which includes waterproofs for the Camera , Colour Monitor and the Remote Control unit. The package also includes also a sun cover for the monitor.  Sample footage from wet and windy day  http://www.youtube.com/embed/dWmlFvLNjhI

What happens if I turn up to an away pitch and there’s nowhere suitable to video from?

With Vantage Point you can now turn up anywhere and be confident you can capture excellent footage every time. Free from any constraints of fixed locations such as the press box, shaky scaffolding or unsuitable ledges normally provided at the grounds.  Vantage Point allows you to effectively capture game footage without risking injury.

What else do I need?

It will depend on the camera you have at present Vantage Point  can work with a range of cameras including the Canon G 40 , the Panasonic V770 and many other WIFI cameras. Check links above to see two models we recommend.

Once we have the camera sorted the rest is supplied with the Vantage Point

How do you control the camera?

This is a really important point. All Camera controls are operated from one lever arm leaving one had free should it be raining.  At ground level you have a colour monitor to view what’s on your camera screen as well as a remote control which allows you to control the pan, tilt and zoom of the camera.

What camera can I use with Vantage Point?

Vantage Point can be used with a varitey of Cameras

 The camera that we are recommending is the Canon LEGRIA HF G40 from Conns Cameras.  Here’s the link:


Vantage Point Camera Recommendation