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What is Vantage Point?

Vantage Point is the most cost effective and easy to use portable video tower on the market today.  It’s unique design makes it convenient to transport and so simple to use.  You can begin shooting high quality video footage from Vantage Point straight away, wherever you are.Learn More

What Do You Get?

Vantage Point also comes with a complete all-weather kit included in the price, so you get a sun cover, rain protection gear which includes a camera housing waterproof, monitor waterproof cover and remote control waterproof cover and no added fees to enjoy all weather protection. Learn More


Here’s a list of questions that customers often ask us.  Please contact us if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for.Learn More

Contact Details

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Reasons to Choose Vantage Point

  • Cost: Just €2,450 (excl VAT), the most affordable system on the market.
  • Lightweight: Weighing only 7.5kg, Vantage Point is the lightest video tower on the market making it so easy to move, transport and assemble.  It’s made from the latest premium grade materials so you don’t sacrifice strength for weight either.
  • Compact: Vantage Point folds up smaller than other portable towers, meaning it will fit in any car but can extend to 6 meters (18ft.), so you can always find the perfect angle for your shot.
  • Simple: We’ve all been there, freezing fingers and complicated mechanisms make setting up portable towers a painfully slow and frustrating process.  Vantage Point comes with simple fittings that allow you to assemble or take down the tower in a matter of minutes.


“Using Vantage Point I was able to set up and start filming footage faster than I would have imagined.  The footage was fantastic too” – GAA Coach

“Vantage Point is fantastic because we can video from end on and get a view of the full pitch and get that great aerial view.  It’s a fantastic tool” – Rugby Coach

“We use 2 Vantage Point Video Towers on a regular basis in our academy.  Both work faultlessly and are extremely easy to transport and use. Great product.”  Simon Dunn Head Academy Performance analyst at Luton Town FC.